I am Dr. Brittany McDonald, a CSR and Employee engagement researcher out of Pittsburgh.  This blog is an extension of my ongoing research on Corporate Social Responsibility, and its impact on employee engagement. My graduate work foundation was in community engagement and social impact. However, I chose to approach social impact from a for profit perspective as opposed to that of a non-profit.

I work for a large financial institution in a business analytics function that focuses on consumer and employee engagement.  I am also very active in the community through volunteerism and serving on the board of non-profit organizations. My experience in both the for profit and non-profit sectors inspired my research.

In addition to CSR and employee engagement, this blog will also touch on other topics in business.  These topics will relate CSR and social impact to technology, improvement of business processes, consumer/community experience, and of course employee engagement.

Finally, I hope that this blog encourages connection with professional colleagues, friends, and peers to engage in feedback and discussion.

Thanks for reading!


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